Social Security as well as Pensions and Benefits lay at the heart of modern democracies. They carry the promise made to all citizens that, in exchange of the contributions which they will pay all throughout their professional life, they and their families will be taken care of in case of illness, disability or death and protected when they become unemployed or grow old.

Pensions and Benefits Law is a highly technical field… This is due to the multiple areas of law involved (combining social security law, labor law, insurance law, tax law and accounting regulations, company law) and to a complex economic and social environment :

  • A great number of operators: employers, trade unions at branch level, insurance providers, insurance brokers and consultants, social security institutions, actuaries and accountants.
  • High financial stakes: because of their duration, which may reach up to 30 years or more depending on the life expectancy of the beneficiary, a retirement pension or a disability pension entail significant financial liabilities in the accounts of companies and/or insurance providers. In addition, in France, most often, the benefits paid under company plans are designed to complement social security benefits and therefore must evolve each time the social security schemes are modified.
  • The cross over with public health and social security policies.

For PER Avocat, law is a tool which must serve a project, YOUR project. Here are a few examples of the type of projects that our clients have:


  • A corporation wants to align its remuneration and benefits package with its business objectives, through the collective and individual status of the employees.
  • An executive manager plans to go working abroad and in order to make a well informed decision, he needs to assess all the impacts of such a choice on his/her personal life, of which his pensions and benefits are a key element, notably toward the end of his/her career.
  • An insurance provider develops a new business project through the new insurance products which it offers to its clients.

Based on a thorough legal analysis and high level lawyering skills:


  • We present our analysis in a clear and understandable way.
  • We establish our recommendations with creativity and pragmatism and assist you in the process of decision making.
  • We help you with the implementation of the legal solutions that you have chosen or in the resolution of conflicts.

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Listening and sharing responsibility with you

In order to advise and assist you efficiently, we first listen to you and seek to understand your situation and the options that you have.

Then, we mobilize all our skills and resources so as to provide the analysis and advice that you need.

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Our professional rules of conduct : integrity and independence at your service 

You, our client, you need to be able to trust us fully and to know that we act for best interests in all circumstances. This trust needs to be built progressively on the ground of the professionalism which structures our relations with you and the work we do for you. Our professionalism finds its roots in the Oath that we pronounce upon joining the Bar.

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Combining thoroughness and creativity  together

At PER Avocat, we know how to analyze laws and regulations as well as relevant case law, and on this ground, know how to design solutions and strategies that best correspond to your objectives and remain viable in the long term.

We are also able to assist you in case of urgency, either for a difficult negotiation, a court hearing, or a risk of tax control.

The Oath at the Bar

” I swear, that as an attorney at law, I will exercise my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity”



The oath sets the principles of our professional practice :


  • The duty to inform and advise, which commands  that we inform our client of the probability to win his/her case, in view of the state of law and any predictable evolution thereof.
  • The integrity and humanity with which we must perform our services, and inform our client of the predictable amount of our fees.
  • The loyalty, which commands that we do not defend the case of clients who may find themselves with conflicting interests.
  • The independence which we must respect in the legal advice we provide to clients, regardless of  our personal interests or outside pressure.
  • The obligation of professional secrecy which binds us, so that we forbid ourselves to ever  communicate to a third party or use or reveal in any regard, the information we have received through the files and documentation of a client. The obligation of professional secrecy is general, absolute, unlimited in time and covers all the fields of the attorney’s legal practice (legal advice, negotiations, litigation).

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