Our professional input as lawyers is first to understand your situation and your objectives (which can be to make your legal situation safer, to obtain a financial compensation, to elaborate a new insurance service or product, to solve a dispute, to recruit employees and retain them through pensions and benefits incentives, to manage the merger of a group of companies etc..) and then to offer the appropriate service such as:


PER Avocat will defend you and represent your interests in first hearing courts (Civil Courts, Social Security Courts and Labor Courts). PER Avocat studies your case, elaborate the litigation strategy, drafts and files all briefs and evidence disclosure, represents you during the preparatory hearings and court pleadings, and will assist you to obtain legal enforcement of the court decision. Upfront, PER Avocat will check the existence of a clause for alternative dispute resolution, will take all necessary steps in this regard and will assist you through any conciliation and/or mediation process ordered in Court.

Thanks to its legal competence, PER Avocat can audit your pensions and benefits policies and documents including group insurance contracts which the company has subscribed in favor of its employees, executives and officers, as part of audits for compliance or audits in view of mergers and acquisition operations. Our audits will achieve the following purposes:

  • In depth verification of whether your pensions and benefits plans and contracts comply with applicable regulations, or presents gap situations or overlap situations which must be handled.
  • Full identification of social liabilities and risks related to pensions and benefits.

PER Avocat designs and leads training sessions for companies (for staff in HR, Finance, Legal and/or Compensation and Benefits Departments, or for the staff of insurance providers and/or insurance operators (brokers and agents) on the fundamental principles of Pensions and Benefits Law and/or recent updates in regulations and case law).

A few examples of training sessions offered in the last three years:

  • Legal implementation of pensions and benefits plans by companies in the private sector.
  • Compliance with new legal obligation to generalize health care complementary benefits at employer’s level.
  • Collective bargaining agreements on pensions and benefits at branch level and designation/and or recommendation of preferred insurance providers.
  • Impact of resolution of the insurance contract or termination of employment contract on pensions and benefits (portability, Loi Evin)
  • The legal, tax and social environment of pensions and benefits plans.
  • Associations for the subscription and administration of group insurance contracts

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